What Is WyldLife?

WyldLife is a unique ministry designed to meet the needs of adolescent students attending grades 6-8. We explore faith and life from a Christian perspective and offer kids the opportunity to talk in an open and accepting environment.  WyldLife leaders model trust, respect, and responsibility in a manner that is both meaningful and relevant.


The Program:

WyldLife C​lub:  

At WyldLife Club we play 3-5 games, share announcements, and give a short talk about who Jesus is through a story from the Bible.  Club is fun, Christ-centered, and a great time of fellowship and community.

It affords kids the opportunity to learn and ask questions in an open and trusting environment.


Do I need to let anyone know I am coming?

There is no need to R.S.V.P. for WyldLife Club.  Students are invited to come and are encouraged to bring friends and carpool together... even if it’s “last minute!”

Is there a cost to attend WyldLife events?

There is no cost to attend WyldLife Club. 
How are Orange / Madison WyldLife expenses covered?

All funding for WyldLife and Young Life (high school) events comes from donations, many off which come from the Orange / Madison parent community.  Fundraising events are held during the school year, so please be on the lookout for information about and invitations to these fabulous events!  Updates are always available on our website.

WyldLife Camp is one of the best things we offer students and is one of the most looked forward to opportunities all year. We generally take our WyldLife camp trip to Crossroads, a camp located outside beautiful Lynchburg, VA.  Our students will join our leaders and other students from across our state as well as folks across the east coast. It is a huge benefit for our students to go with the leaders they have been with all year long in Club as well as their close friends.  They will have the opportunity not only to grow socially with their peers but also spiritually as they get to process who God is in a non-threatening, fun environment specifically designed for students their age to process.  It's a 5-day camp filled with crazy games, amazing food, and awesome speakers.


Who are the WyldLife Leaders?

Last but not least, our enthusiastic volunteer WyldLife leaders are young adults from our community or from UVA who have been held to a high standard, screened, and trained by our staff.  Bennett Thomas, Mary Kathryn McLucas, Courtney Brubaker, and Trenton Burmeister are all UVA students. Each leader does an amazing job of dedicating his or her free time to make a difference for good in the lives of kids!​

2017 Fall Semester Club Dates 

February 13th

February 27th

March 13th

March 27th

April 10th

April 24th


All Wyldlife Club meetings will be held at 7pm at the Orange Presbyterian.

Middle School students from Orange/Madison counties are welcome to attend!

Questions? Ask a leader! 

Bennett Thomas: Bgt9ra@virginia.edu

Mary Kathryn McLucas: Mkm2nc@virginia.edu

Courtney Brubaker: Cjb8bc@virginia.edu

Trenton Burmeister: Tdb5bd@virginia.edu


Young Life Orange Madison County | PO Box 574 Orange, VA 22960-0336

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